Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Popstars of Fashion

          This week Katy Perry releases her official video for Wide Awake also her new movie Part Of Me is about to hit the cinemas.While last week she appeared on the Graham Norton show in London and the Summertime Ball where her and our other beautiful pop superstar Jessie J met up and had a night out bowling and night clubbing. They hit up a pretty close friendship by all reports so maybe a music collaboration is on the cards. They both have songs produced by Dr Luke and Claude Kelly so they would both have a familarity with the same recording studio!

Wide Awake Katy Perry

Graham Norton Show with Katy Perry

Katy wearing a yellow maxi dress with all accessories in black which included a pussy bow neck tie.

Our other Pop Ladies of fashion were all over the planet this week GaGa is touring Australia and we are going to take a quick look at the tour and what she has been wearing! Just watched Battleships and have to admit Rihanna did quite a good job with the part she had and she is showing off a new tattoo. We will take a quick look at that! Jessie J has been in the recording studio after the Summertime Ball but has ventured out to Thorpe Theme Park and Tinie Tempahs Selfridges rooftop party where she partied with friends like Tinie and Ellie Goulding. 

Gaga's Australian Tour 

Rihanna's new Egyptian Falcon Tattoo 

Jessie J at Tinie Tempah's Clothing Launch
 Jessie with Ellie Goulding at Tinie Tempahs clothing launch, wearing very tight navy blue pants with a crop top,chunky gold jewelry and colorful pattern jacket.

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